Monday, November 20, 2006

Nielsen park

Hi !! Next Tuesday we are going to visit Vaucluse House and Nielsen Park. Nielsen park it's a very beautiful and popular family park.You can swim there because it is shark protected, but notice that it is called Shark Beach anyway))There is plenty of shade, a restaurant, children's playgrounds and fantastic views.

There is public transport to the park, Bus 324 or 325 from Circular Quay, parking is very difficult during the holidays and weekends.

I want to ask a couple of questions about Vaucluse House.
1) Where is it located?
2) Is it surrounded by 25 acres of gardens and grounds or 27 acres?
3) How many rooms are there?
4) Who was the owner of Vaucluse House?
5) How many children did they have?
6) In what century did the family live there ?

Hi! This year I missed the great exibition named as "Sculpture by the sea". My friends told me that it was really nice one and I'm going to visit it next year. I want to tell you how you can find it. You catch a bus or a train we found a very good site with all this information. I' m going to visit this plase and I think when you usually use train then you can get to Bindi Junction by train and then catch a bus 360, 361. I provided a map for you so it will be easier.I will definately visit it nex year but now I going to visit that place.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hello!! I want to share my information with you. I found a very good site with Australian slang. I think it will be very interesting for all of us to learn local slang.
Also one site with grammar theory if you want to learn something. And if you want to practice your english and to do some tests I have one more site in my favorites.


I was in Germany ones when I was 12 years old. I lived in a family for 2 weekends and the rest of my holidays where with other russians. So it happened with me when I was in the German family. There was a couple in their early 60-s. One day the lady prepeared a dinner for us but an hour before I had eaten a lot of sweets. So when we sat at the table I saw a great big plate with a lot of food on it. I tried to eat all but it was really big for me and I ate only half. I tried to explain politely that I can't eat so much and I ate an hour before. She did'n listen to me she thought that I didn't like the food and by the way she was very cross. I felt very embarrased and uncomfortable but the lady even didn't look at me she was really angry and told me that I'm very impolite and bad girl. After that when I'm a guest somewhere I usually help myself with food and try to explain that I don't eat too much.
Anyway I like Germany very much because it's a very beautiful country.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Travel guide to Belarus.

People are friendly in my country but may be they smile less then here. They show emotioms easily but sometimes they hide emotions. It depends on what kind of emotions. If people are happy they show it but our people have many negative emotions and usually don't show them.Everybody has problems and usually we don't show them.
There are no special eating rules in our country but our people don't leave anything on their plates. If there is something left that means you didn't like the food and the person become offended. Usually we leave nothing on our plates.
In our country people use first names and short names. For example, my full name is Anastasiya but Russian people call me Nastya. That's my short Russian name but when I'm in different country with different language everybody call me Anastasiya, Anna or Stacey (American variant). Visitor should know interesting places to go and use our national money. And don't emphasise that you have a lot of money. We like foreign people in our country but somebody can understand it in different way. Young generation learn English so they will understand you.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mary Reibey


The most famous business lady in NSW.
1) When did she come to Australia?
She arrived in New South Wales on the Royal Admiral in October 1792.
2) Why did she come?
She came because she was sentenced to seven years' transportation.
3) When was she appointed governor of the Free Grammar School?
She was appointed one of the Governors of the Free Grammar School in 1825.

The phone never rings twice...

I like this clip very much)) we were laughing a lot with my sister. But it seams that students prepeared for it. May be we don't see their faces... Anyway its a funny video! My personal opinion is sometimes it's happen.

Monday, September 25, 2006

dangerous fries

We are eating dangerous chips!
They look so delicious! But....
European, North American and Japanese scientists specialising in cancer-causing agents in food- recently found some chemicals in french fries. They found acrylamide which is used to make plastics and dyes. It causes cancer! The question is how it's getting to the chips! But they are so tasty! I love them coz my mum makes it very nice. But she hasn't been doing it for a long time. That's why we, me and my younger sister, would like to get take away food. And McDonald's chips are the nicest! Now we'll better make them at home than eat chemicals. After this article I'll make my food at home and try not to buy take away food.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Love our body and you will be happy!))
I dont think that you want this look)) or this....

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thin models

1) The ban on "skinny" models performing in shows, instituted by fashion show organizers in Madrid after a model died during a show in South America last month, sent shivers around the world of haute.
2) BMI is a body mass index.
3) BMI resulting number shoul be between 18.5 and 24.9.
4) The average runway model is estimated to be 5 feet 9 inches tall and to weigh in at 110 lbs.
5) The show wants to project an image of beauty, elegance and health. The limits set by the World Health Organisation and they were persons above 175 cm tall and weighing less, or much less, than 55 kg. A decision was taken to exclude models who paraded gaunt, emaciated styles. The show also banned makeup that made models appear wan.
But many people in and out of the fashion world believe the new ban is long overdue, and should have been considered even before 22-year-old Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos died of heart failure after stepping off a runway during Fashion Week in Montevideo.
6) GAUNT- is excessively thin and angular .
emaciated- is to cause to lose flesh so as to become very thin.
wan -- is suggestive of poor health.
7) In the English system, it is calculated by dividing weight in pounds by height in inches squared, and multiplying that total by 703.

I like this article coz its very common problem in our world. Young girls look at this beautiful faces and ideal figures and want to be the same. Many gays want to have the same standard girlfriend and they like all this celebrities. Thats why gays look for thin and cute girlfriend but not all of the girls are thin. That couse a lot of problems in a girls mind. There is a big problem in Australia with boob jobs, very many girls, espesially young girls do it. After Big Brother show it has increased. Girls dont feel confidend abou them and their bodies. Girls!! Love your body as it is!!!


Hi! My name is Anastasiya. I came from Belarus and now I live in Australia. I engoy living in Australia )