Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I was in Germany ones when I was 12 years old. I lived in a family for 2 weekends and the rest of my holidays where with other russians. So it happened with me when I was in the German family. There was a couple in their early 60-s. One day the lady prepeared a dinner for us but an hour before I had eaten a lot of sweets. So when we sat at the table I saw a great big plate with a lot of food on it. I tried to eat all but it was really big for me and I ate only half. I tried to explain politely that I can't eat so much and I ate an hour before. She did'n listen to me she thought that I didn't like the food and by the way she was very cross. I felt very embarrased and uncomfortable but the lady even didn't look at me she was really angry and told me that I'm very impolite and bad girl. After that when I'm a guest somewhere I usually help myself with food and try to explain that I don't eat too much.
Anyway I like Germany very much because it's a very beautiful country.


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