Monday, November 20, 2006

Nielsen park

Hi !! Next Tuesday we are going to visit Vaucluse House and Nielsen Park. Nielsen park it's a very beautiful and popular family park.You can swim there because it is shark protected, but notice that it is called Shark Beach anyway))There is plenty of shade, a restaurant, children's playgrounds and fantastic views.

There is public transport to the park, Bus 324 or 325 from Circular Quay, parking is very difficult during the holidays and weekends.

I want to ask a couple of questions about Vaucluse House.
1) Where is it located?
2) Is it surrounded by 25 acres of gardens and grounds or 27 acres?
3) How many rooms are there?
4) Who was the owner of Vaucluse House?
5) How many children did they have?
6) In what century did the family live there ?


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