Saturday, November 11, 2006

Travel guide to Belarus.

People are friendly in my country but may be they smile less then here. They show emotioms easily but sometimes they hide emotions. It depends on what kind of emotions. If people are happy they show it but our people have many negative emotions and usually don't show them.Everybody has problems and usually we don't show them.
There are no special eating rules in our country but our people don't leave anything on their plates. If there is something left that means you didn't like the food and the person become offended. Usually we leave nothing on our plates.
In our country people use first names and short names. For example, my full name is Anastasiya but Russian people call me Nastya. That's my short Russian name but when I'm in different country with different language everybody call me Anastasiya, Anna or Stacey (American variant). Visitor should know interesting places to go and use our national money. And don't emphasise that you have a lot of money. We like foreign people in our country but somebody can understand it in different way. Young generation learn English so they will understand you.


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